When Should You Service Your AC System?

With the sun breaking through the clouds, flowers starting to bloom, and the mercury rising in Ontario, it is time to bring your air conditioning unit out of hibernation and ensure it remains well-maintained for the hotter days ahead. Furthermore, regular Air Conditioning Service in Newmarket ON can save you money and hassle by avoiding the need for emergency air conditioner repair or untimely replacements.

1. When Should You Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance?

A well-functioning air conditioning device has become a necessity in recent times. However, the lack of routine upkeep usually makes the device prone to regular wear and tear and excessive repairs. Hence many homeowners often wonder when they should service their air conditioning device. It is prudent to service the air conditioning device twice a year to ensure that the cooling device always remains in optimum shape,

2. Steps to Perform An Effective Air Conditioning Maintenance

Here are some steps to perform air conditioner maintenance at home.

  • Replace The Air Filter

Changing the air conditioner is one of the most crucial and simple ways to keep your unit in good working order, whether it’s a central HVAC system or a ductless air conditioner. Fortunately, you don’t need an expert for this simple air conditioning maintenance facility.

Just locate your unit’s filter opening, slide out the old filter, and replace it, paying attention to the airflow direction and which side of the filter should face out. Refer to the package recommendations for the proper filter size and stages for replacing the filter.

In addition, air filters come in various “resilience” based on how filtered you would like the air in your home to be. In general, the AC air filter should get replaced every three months. However, if you have pets, you should look to replace the filter every month and buy a filter with a higher rating.

  • Some Spring Cleaning

Now that the new filter has arrived, it’s time to cross a few more objects off your DIY air conditioner upkeep list. First, ensure that all of the interior vents are clean. Pour a cup of bleach diluted with water down the outside unit’s drain to prevent mold and algae buildup. However, if you think you cannot perform this, it is better to depend on expert technicians.

  • Examine Your Air Conditioner’s Performance

After you’ve evaluated the exterior of your home air conditioning system, it is time to examine its performance. Determine whether your home is getting cooler, whether the unit is quiet, and whether it appears to be doing overall. You may observe a strong smell the first time you turn it on. It is just the air conditioner’s way of clearing out any dust accumulated since the last time you ran it and should go away soon.


In a nutshell, AC service costs can vary depending on the place and whether you require air conditioner repair or replacement if you do not have a home warranty. So if you are looking for expert technicians for your Air Conditioning Newmarket ON repairs or service, our expert team at Universal Heating and Cooling is at your service. Call us at (905) 508-2711 for an appointment or write an email to us at universalhc@yahoo.ca.