How to Tell If an Air Conditioner Fuse is Blown?

It is a serious matter if your air conditioning system blows off the fuse when it works more than usual. It is inappropriate for a perfectly-working air conditioner system to trip down the electrical fuse automatically. This often means some issues need to be addressed immediately.

If this problem is something you have been struggling with for months, you should inquire with an air conditioning repair in Richmond Hill, ON. Here are some basic things that AC system owners should be familiar with about the AC electrical fuse.

What is an Air Conditioning Fuse?

Any electrical equipment can take a limited electrical load to function. If the electrical equipment gets more electricity than is required, it will damage the system entirely and lead to an immediate malfunction of the equipment.

A fuse in an air conditioning system is a guarding measure to protect the system from a sudden overflow of electricity. A fuse consists of a wire in a glass box in the disconnection box.

How Does a Fuse Protect The Air Conditioning System?

According to the air conditioning experts in Richmond Hill, there are two reasons for the upsurge in electricity load:

  1. An AC system draws more electrical power to cool down the room to extreme temperatures.
  2. Overload electricity supply from the circuit supply house.

The electrical power goes through the fuse first to reach the AC system. If additional electricity passes through the fuse, the fuse blows up and breaks down the circuit. The air conditioning system will stop working because the electric circuit is disrupted. That is how a fuse saves the air conditioning system from expensive repairs and your home from electrical damages.

How to Check If an AC Fuse is Blown Up?

When an AC shuts down unexpectedly, it is a fault of either a component damage issue or a blown-up AC fuse. The question that arises here is how to check whether the reason behind the shutdown was a blown-up fuse?

Air conditioning experts in Richmond Hill say there are two simple ways for you to check the issue at home:

  • Hear the sound – Try listening to the AC’s sounds to hint at the issue. If you recognize the noise as humming, buzzing, or clicking, there is a blown-up fuse causing the shutdown.
  • Use a voltmeter – If you are from a technical background and know the basics of the AC functioning, you can use the voltmeter to know whether the fuse is damaged.

Is it Safe to Check The AC Fuse?

A disrupted circuit does not mean no electric current flowing in the AC circuit. Experts suggest always taking precautions whenever dealing with electricity and electrical systems. One should always wear protective gear and use appropriate tools to deal with AC electrical issues. One wrong move can lead straight to happening fatal and life-threatening events.

That is why air conditioning repair experts in Richmond Hill suggest their customers call the technician if anything happens. Technicians will quickly check and explain the reason behind the fault. Call the Universal Heating and Cooling technician today for a quick check-up!