How Often To Change Your Air Filter?

To keep your system running smoothly and maintain optimal air quality, your home’s air filters should be changed regularly. It’s easy to overlook this small aspect of HVAC maintenance, especially if you don’t know how often to change it. In general, it is recommended that you change your home’s air filter every 30 days if you’re using fiberglass filters.

However, these guidelines are based on average use and do not consider the size and type of filter. When the filter is in place for an extended period, it collects more dirt, dust, and allergens, clogging the filter and reducing its efficiency. Please read on to find out if you need to replace your filter more often than expected!

Asthma Sufferers In The Family

Indoor and outdoor air quality is equally important. The air outside can be polluted. However, indoor air can be even worse than outdoor air. The airborne particulates are much more irritable for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. Call HVAC Repair Richmond Hill 24 x 7 for help in changing the air filter.

Pets In The House

All pet owners know that odor can accumulate over time and shedding is worst during seasonal changes. If you have a pet, the air filter should be changed within 60 days.

Age Of Your Children

With young children in the house, you want to keep the indoor air quality at its highest possible level at all times. Every 2-3 months, you should replace your air filter to keep your indoor air quality in check and your home clean.

Things That Can Shorten The Life Of Your HVAC Air Filter

  • Your HVAC usage frequency

One filter can last you an entire season or even an entire year in mild climates where you only use your AC or furnace for short periods each day. Conversely, if your HVAC system is running almost constantly, you’ll need to change the filter every few weeks.

  • Size of your house

Air conditioners and furnaces that have to pump less air for the same amount of temperature change may require fewer filter changes if you live in “a smaller home.” As a result, you may need to change your air filter more frequently in a small space than you would in a larger one.

  • Your home’s air quality

Also, the quality of the air outside and inside your home affects your air filter and furnace filter replacement cycle. Because of poor outdoor air quality and the presence of pets, you’ll need to replace your air filter more frequently.

Your HVAC system’s air filter will eventually catch all of the air that circulates through your home’s heating and cooling system. Air filters must be kept clean and changed regularly for this very reason. You can also take professional help like Air Conditioner Repair Richmond Hill. A dirty air filter should be replaced with a new one that has been cleaned.

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