How Much Does AC Maintenance Cost?

Homeowners are frequently perplexed and overwhelmed when it comes to paying for air conditioning maintenance or repairs. We’re here to assist you in understanding the process and make better HVAC purchasing selections.

What Is the Importance of Air Conditioner Maintenance?

Cooling systems are similar to automobiles. They toil day in and day out during the summer months. They lose their power to keep you cool if not taken care of regularly. The condenser coil makes up to be an important part of every air conditioner. When the condenser coil becomes dusty, it creates performance issues and can even cause harm to other sections of the system.

Costs of Air Conditioning Maintenance

It’s important to schedule expert air conditioning maintenance every year, particularly in the early spring, to avoid costly air conditioning repairs. It will help you save money on repairs in the long run by catching problems early. Small problems may not appear to influence performance or cost at first. Still, they can quickly escalate into catastrophic damage, requiring systems to be taken offline or replaced entirely.

Preventative maintenance is critical for preserving your manufacturer’s warranty and enhancing your cooling system’s performance, efficiency, and longevity. A trained HVAC contractor should tune-up all HVAC systems once a year.

A professional air conditioner tune-up will cost you roughly $70-$120 on average. Follow your local HVAC contractor on social media for seasonal discounts for even more savings. You can even call the office to inquire if any coupons or special offers are currently available.

Don’t make a decision just based on the price. Before arranging service, find out what is included in the AC tune-up (because some don’t clean condenser coils, for example) and research the company. Service Champions explains what a professional AC tune-up entails.

According to the Building Efficiency Initiative, routine system maintenance can save you anywhere from 5% to 40% on HVAC-related energy bills. Before they can add more zeros to a maintenance charge, your local HVAC specialist will be able to spot any coil faults, ductwork leaks, airflow difficulties, and symptoms of system instability and solve them.

To maintain optimum effectiveness, make sure your air conditioning equipment is serviced regularly; also make sure that the air filter is either cleaned or replaced. Any air conditioning equipment with a dirty filter has to work harder, which means it uses more electricity and spends more money. To prevent wasting energy and overworking your air conditioner, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Filters should be replaced or cleaned once a month, on average. Schedule expert pre-season maintenance to help you get more out of your investment and save money in the long term by keeping your residential HVAC system at the top function for a long period.

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