How Do You Know If a Fuse is Blown In The Furnace?

Your furnace breaking down in the middle of the winter is among the worst things that can occur during the cold season. Fortunately, one of the most frequent causes of a furnace not working is usually one of the simplest problems to resolve. That’s when the circuit breaker has tripped, or the furnace fuse has blown.

You have to go to the panel and turn the switch back on if the circuit breaker is tripped. However, if it trips down again, you might need to call our furnace cleaning expert in Richmond, ON, for professional assistance.

Reasons Why Your Furnace Circuit Breaker Trips Down

Here Are Some Reasons Why Your Furnace Breaker Trips:

  • Dust and Dirt

Although you should normally change your home’s air filters once a month, most people avoid replacing the air filter regularly. Nevertheless, it is essential to replace and clean it regularly. Particles from dirt and dust that clog air filters may find their way into the heating system and cause issues. The system may shut down due to overheating and extreme strain, which can produce an electrical overload. It can lead the circuit breaker to trip down.

Schedule a furnace cleaning service in Richmond, ON, with our professionals to ensure this does not happen.

  • Wiring Problems

A fuse can blow due to loose, poor, or faulty wiring, which may also cause the fuse to keep blowing. There are a few essential things to be aware of if you plan to inspect the wiring and perhaps tighten connections or replace damaged strips. It is preferable to call our licensed electrician or HVAC specialist when there is a wiring issue.

  • Wear and Tear of Parts

Unusual noises originating from the furnace frequently signify broken components. When worn-down components work excessively, they consume much more electricity than usual. The increased use of electricity can cause the circuit breaker to trip down.

  • The Thermostat’s Metal Frame

Blowing fuses are frequently caused by metal frames that surround thermostats. Voltage problems are brought by contact between the thermostat’s internal wiring and the frame. Contact our furnace repair expert in Richmond, ON, to resolve the issue.

How to Determine Whether a Furnace Fuse Has Blown?

Check the circuit breaker panel first to verify if the furnace circuit breaker has tripped. Cut off the electricity if it hasn’t already so you can inspect the fuse.

Typically, fuses for furnaces are located in the control box. Examine the fuse after removing it. You know what to look for here if you’ve ever changed a blown fuse in a car. Check for damaged wiring, discoloration, or cloudiness if you haven’t already.

Replace the blown one with a new fuse of the proper size and wattage. Turn the circuit breaker back on after ensuring your hands are fully dry. You may have solved the issue.

It is essential to call our experts because dealing with electric circuits can be dangerous and lead to hazardous situations like short circuits or electrocution.

Universal Heating and Cooling furnace experts can help you fix the issue promptly and effectively. Our furnace repair experts in Richmond, ON, are here at your service to resolve your issues. Call (416) 445-1718 and schedule an appointment with our specialists.