Contactor Problem in Non- Working AC

A contactor is the relay switch that supplies power to your air conditioner’s compressor. If the contactor in your air conditioner breaks down, the compressor will be unable to put out the required refrigerant. Whether the connections were open or closed when the circuit broke, a faulty contactor will keep your device constantly running or prevent it from functioning.

Reasons Why AC Contactor isn’t Working:

The contactor closes the electrical contacts to power the air conditioner’s compressor when it pulls in. The connections to power the compressor do not close when the contactor does not “pull in.” So, the compressor doesn’t work, and the house doesn’t cool even though the AC is working.

The failure of the AC contactor to pull in is not a severe problem. It can be avoided by regular maintenance by professionals.. Corroded contacts, coil failure, and contactor burnout are the most common causes of contactor failure.

  • Corroded Contacts

The contact points of an AC contactor are prone to corrosion due to moisture. Furthermore, if they are not cleaned regularly, they will become covered in dust, and other particulate matter will be drawn in by the air. It causes the contact points to become unclean, causing them to stop working as they should, resulting in contactor failure.

Solution: All accumulated on the contact points can be removed with a dab of contact cleaner. The contactor will begin to pull in as needed once cleansed.

  • Coil Failure

A contactor has coils in addition to contact points. These coils can sometimes fail. HVAC contractors reccomend that the contactor develop a defect, manifesting as a failure to pull in.

Solution: Once again, the solution is simple. Replace the old contactor with a new one to remedy the problem. It is feasible to replace the coils. However, this is not the preferred technique. This is because it’s difficult to access the coils and find the correct size to replace them.

Furthermore, a new contactor may be purchased for a modest price, and the expense of replacing it is not that much. On the other hand, replacing the coil during HVAC repair is a difficult process, and the cost of doing so will negate any financial benefit you expect.

  • Contactor Burnout

Contactor burnout occurs when the voltage applied to the contactor exceeds its load-carrying capacity. The circuit breaker should usually trip with high voltage. If this does not happen, the contactor will become completely burnt out. Even slack cables can result in a short circuit, resulting in the same outcome.

Solution: Replacement of the contactor is also a solution to this problem. A skilled HVAC contractor in Richmond Hill best handles the job due to its sensitive nature.

You should request that the HVAC professional inspect it during HVAC repair. If your air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air, have the technician examine the contactor for any problems. If you are looking for air conditioner repair in Richmond Hill, Universal Heating & Cooling Inc., can help. Call us at 866-525-6060 or drop us an email here.