Common Repair Signs In An Air Conditioner

Owning an air conditioner brings a lot of responsibilities for the owners and family members. You should ensure that your air conditioner works efficiently for comfort and proper health. When you detect a problem with your cooling system, you should contact a professional technician who provides Air Conditioning Repair Newmarket ON to tackle the issue at the earliest.

Here are Some Common Problems For Which You Should Schedule A Professional Repair Job Instead of DIY Methods:

1. Warm Air

The solo work of an air conditioner is to cool your home by producing cool air. You should look into the matter if it does not perform its basic task immediately. Contact a professional to fix your air conditioner if your system gives out warm air.

2. Thermostat Issues

A thermostat determines a comfortable temperature for your home. A malfunctioning thermostat will not signal the air conditioner to work as per your comfort, and you will face cooling issues.

3. Vent Issues

The vents in your home carry the condensed air from the air conditioner to all parts of your home. If you face problems like hot and cold pockets of lesser cooling efficiency, it indicates a problem with the ducts.

4. Foul Smells

If your home smells funny, your air conditioner may be the reason. A burning, dusty, or fishy smell is an indicator of several problems in the system. As an air conditioner has various components, a professional technician who provides high-quality AC repairs in Newmarket is your best option to fix them.

5. Unbalanced Humidity Levels And Poor Indoor Air Quality

Apart from cooling your home, an air conditioner also balances humidity and indoor air quality levels in your home. If your indoor air is not as clean as before, you should consider getting your air conditioner checked by a professional.

6. Frequent Repair Jobs

An efficient air conditioner requires one or two repair jobs while working in a season. However, if your air conditioner requires repair jobs each month, it may be too old to function, or it has some serious problems inside it.

7. Leakages

The three substances that can leak from an air conditioner are refrigerant, water, and carbon monoxide. Water leakages occur mostly due to cloggings in the drain pipe, refrigerant leakages occur due to problems with the evaporator coils, and carbon monoxide leakages may happen due to the old parts in the system.

8. Increasing Energy Bills

Your air conditioner consumes energy to function. If inefficient, it will consume more energy as it needs to work extra, leading to increased energy bills. Contact a professional to service your air conditioner to regain its efficiency. Delaying the repair job that your air conditioner needs can increase the severity of these problems and your repair bill cost.

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