All About A Blown Furnace Fuse

You may have faced the problem of a blown furnace fuse during times of voltage differences. Having a blown furnace fuse once a year is normal, but if you frequently incur this problem, it may indicate a serious underlying issue with your furnace.

HVAC companies providing services like furnace repair in Richmond Hill often get requests from families to replace their blown furnace fuse, indicating that it is a common problem. If you face troubles due to the same issue, continue reading to know why your furnace fuse blows, signs of a blown furnace face, where to find the fuse, and how to change it.

Why Does The Fuse Blow

Many reasons cause the furnace fuse to blow unexpectedly. Here are a few of them:

  • Wires
    If your furnace has damaged wires or wires with a bad connection, they may short circuit while the furnace works. The short-circuiting of the wires may cause the fuse to blow. It is best to contact an HVAC company for furnace replacement in Richmond Hill to tackle this problem.
  • Air Filters
    Dirty air filters create obstructions in the airflow path, making the blower motor overheat and face a high limit failure. The only way to avoid a blown furnace fuse due to dirty air filters is to regularly clean and replace your air filters.
  • Thermostat
    The wires in the thermostat may touch the metal frame, blowing the control board due to voltage issues. Contact professionals to replace the control board and remove the metal frame.
  • Faulty Components
    Components like capacitors, bower motors, transformers, and valves can create short circuits and overheating problems, leading to a blown furnace fuse.

Signs of A Blown Furnace Fuse

A blown furnace fuse does not let the furnace turn on and function efficiently, but many other problems affect the furnace. Before purchasing a new fuse, you should confirm that your system is not turning on due to a blown furnace fuse and not any other reason.

Where To Find The Fuse

The furnace fuse should be in the control box beside the blower. Check the wires of the furnace fuse for broken wires or discoloration. If there are such signs, you will have to replace the fuse with a new one.

If you have a circuit breaker for the furnace, find the labeled breaker for the furnace and check whether it has tripped or not.

How To Replace The Fuse

Ensure that the new fuse you purchase has the same wattage rating as the old one. Once bought, you can easily replace it using the reader’s guide with instructions for the same. Otherwise, you can contact a professional HVAC company for furnace repair in Richmond Hill to replace it for you.

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