8 Signs Indicating Your Home Heating System Needs Repair

Paying attention to your heating system to avoid a breakdown in the middle of the winter season is essential. The best way to avoid sudden breakdown or repair service is by calling us for a professional furnace cleaning service in New Market, ON.

Our experts recommend keeping an eye on the furnace operation because if you detect the issue earlier, it can be easily repaired, and your system can have a longer life.

Top Eight Signs That Your Furnace is Due For an Immediate Repair Service!

Here are some signs that will help you detect whether you should contact a technician for repair:

1. Poor Indoor Air Quality

When the furnace system is under stress, the indoor air quality drops significantly. It can be due to the following:

  • The furnace filters have become clogged with dirt. As a result, the air quality decreases, and your furnace may even stop working.
  • Blocked exhaust flue may cause carbon monoxide build-up in the house.

2. Uneven Temperature Distribution

When your furnace is ON, you should get an equal temperature in every corner. However, if it is not, it is due to a malfunctioning thermostat. You should call a furnace sales technician for assistance.
If you happen to reside in New Market, ON, and require professional assistance, contact Universal Heating & Cooling.

3. Yellow Pilot Flame

Blue pilot flame is a sign of a healthy furnace system; however, if the pilot turns yellow, you should contact our professional service provider immediately. It is an early sign of carbon monoxide accumulation inside the system. 

4. Short Cycling Issue

A furnace system follows a particular cycle to provide the exact temperature in the room. It can be due to a clogged air filter, frozen evaporator coils, or low refrigerant levels. It is better to hire our professional furnace sales technician in New Market, ON, to look into this matter.

5. High Energy Bills

When your heating system is in regular use, you should not get a higher energy bill. If it happens otherwise, you may want to inspect the furnace. Faulty furnace components consume more energy to maintain functionality.  

6. Cold Air

Can you imagine receiving cold air in the cold weather in your rooms? It indicates that your furnace is not in good shape and requires an expert’s attention. It can be due to several reasons, but in the worst case, it can be due to a cracked heat exchanger.  

7. Strange Noises

Even though a furnace can make certain sounds during its operation, strange noises are far from question. When you start getting noises like rattling, whooshing, banging, etc., it is time to contact a professional HVAC service provider as early as possible.

8. Gas Smell

If you are using a gas furnace as your heating system, you should stay cautious about the excessive gas smell in the house. If you sense an excessive gas smell, it indicates a leak in the furnace’s gas line.

If you happen to reside in New Market, ON, and require furnace cleaning service, contact Universal Heating & Cooling. We offer affordable and competitive rates. Call us at 866-525-6060 or send your queries to universalhc@yahoo.ca.