7 Reasons You Should Be On an HVAC Preventative Maintenance Program

As summer approaches, many people have already cleaned the filters or replaced the gas in their air conditioner. Others might consider purchasing a completely brand-new system from air conditioning sales in Newmarket, ON. However, before you go out and get a new air conditioner, you should carefully evaluate the following factors.

Things to Consider While Purchasing a New Air Conditioner:

  • Costs

Some basic types are highly affordable, but others require a much higher financial investment. Balancing the product’s fundamental attributes and a price within your financial capabilities is important when comparing prices. It is essential to remember that specific energy-saving measures might help offset early costs by lowering utility bills.

  • Air quality

You should consider indoor air quality carefully while looking for air conditioning sales in Newmarket, ON. In addition to removing dust and bacteria from the air, air filters can help eliminate cigarette smoke and odours.

A good filter will not only purify the air. It will also prevent dirt and dust from entering the evaporator coil, allowing your air conditioner to operate more efficiently and consume less energy. Additionally, to reduce the room’s humidity level, you should choose an air conditioner with an effective dehumidification system.

  • Speed

We can lower our total energy consumption by utilising air conditioners with a thermostat and multiple fans, as these characteristics allow us to adjust the fan speeds. Modern air conditioners provide a range of settings, including airflow and swing. These settings will enable the user to customise the amount of cooling the air conditioner offers according to their preferences and reduce the amount of noise it generates.

  • AC Size

It is essential to identify which unit size is optimal for your home. Even though your contractor will assist you with this side of the equation, you must understand why it is so important. If the size of the unit you purchase does not match the square footage of your home, several complications may develop. If the unit is too small, your home will not be suitably cooled, even if it runs all night. If the unit is too large for its place, it will frequently turn on and off. Even if you intend to replace an older model with a newer one, your contractor will conduct a load calculation.

  • Noise levels

When opting for air conditioning sales in Newmarket, ON, you should carefully evaluate its noise level. If you have difficulties falling asleep or staying asleep or have young children in the home, getting a somewhat quiet air conditioner is in your best interest. Air conditioners can include various features, including quiet and breeze modes. You also have the choice to utilise this equipment. Remember that window air conditioners are significantly noisier than split air conditioners.


Purchasing a new air conditioner requires some time and work, but the investment will pay dividends in the form of dependable and constant comfort for many years to come. If you are looking for a new house, you should contact Universal Heating and Cooling. We provide high-quality HVAC services, carry all major brands, and can provide you with an affordable maintenance plan to guarantee that your system continues to perform effectively.