6 Types Of Air Conditioner Noises & Ways To Fix

Sounds from your air conditioner are the last thing you must deal with during extreme weather. Noises coming from the air conditioner are one of the most obvious problems. Sounds that are too loud or strange can signify a more serious problem.

You must be aware of all possible causes of these noises you hear to determine what they mean. If you can detect a problem early on, you have a good chance of repairing your air conditioner in Newmarket ON

1. The Six Most Common Sounds Your Air Conditioner Makes That You Shouldn't Ignore.

  • Screeching Sound

A faulty fan motor in the outdoor condenser unit is the most prevalent cause of an air conditioner shrieking noise. A faulty compressor motor in the condenser system can also produce this noise.

  • Banging Sounds

A banging air conditioner indicates a compressor failure. This component distributes refrigerant to the HVAC system to eliminate excess heat. If your air conditioner is making a banging sound, contact a local HVAC technician in your area for help.

  • Hissing Noise

Refrigerant leaks cause the hissing sound. Damaged refrigerant lines might leak. If the hissing sounds become screeching, it’s a compressor issue. It needs immediate attention, so turn off your AC and call a specialist.

  • A Buzzing Sound

The buzz could signify faulty or loose wiring, which poses a serious safety risk and could lead to a fire. Electrical issues must be dealt with quickly by turning off the power to the system and then calling in a professional to help.

  • Chattering Noise

Sticks, mud, or leaves in your outside condenser unit may be causing the chattering sound from your AC. Disassemble the unit to remove these items. In the worst instance, a damaged electrical contractor may cause this air conditioner to sound.

  • A Clanging Sound

It is one of the terrifying AC sounds. A slack fan belt or a twisted air handler can cause this. It usually happens with older air conditioners. If it’s a new AC system, call an HVAC contractor in Newmarket ON.

2. Why Should You Not Overlook AC Noises?

The consequences of ignoring odd noises coming from your HVAC system can quickly escalate from something minor to something that could harm your system’s long-term health. There are ways to save money if you ignore the noise problem. The more quickly you can find and fix the source of the noise, the better off your machine will be.

3. How Can Experts Help?

Proper air conditioner maintenance and professional inspections can prevent unusual sounds. Even so, it’s best to determine the cause as quickly as possible. Cleaning and inspecting a system are just some of the maintenance services that a certified HVAC technician may perform to keep it running smoothly during seasonal peak usage.

In addition, a technician can spot possible problems before they become major hurdles. If you hear any noises from your AC unit, don’t wait to call Universal heating and cooling for help. Contact us at (905) 508-2711 for any issues with air conditioning in Newmarket ON