5 Weird AC Noises You Should Not Ignore

When you turn your AC ON, you may hear a clicking. A little bit of whooshing noise from the air vent is also normal. Some outdoor units placed on concrete pads make vibration sounds. Ideally, an AC should have a 45 Db noise level for peaceful indoors.

If your AC makes loud and unusual sounds, it may be a matter of concern. Apart from the mentioned normal AC sounds, the cooling equipment should not produce any other strange noises.

Some strange AC noises act as an indicator of damage and emergency repair. When you hear strange AC sounds, you should shut down your HVAC and schedule an air conditioner repair in Richmond Hill.

Do Not Ignore These Five AC Noises

AC sounds indicate electrical failure, coolant leak, broken parts, and other damages. The five strange AC noises should not be ignored; you should arrange an AC repair in Richmond Hill with Universal Heating & Cooling Inc to protect your AC from more damage. These 5 alarming AC noises are;

  • Gurgling Noise

When your AC makes a gurgling or bubbling noise, it signals a water and coolant leak. The AC will leak refrigerant when the drip pan and condensate drain line are broken or clogged. The leakage will make a gurgling sound.

The crack or hole on the ductwork also makes a hissing or bubbling noise due to a refrigerant leak. Therefore, you should turn your AC off and detect the reason for the leakage to fix it.

  • Absurd Humming Noise

When your AC has some electrical damage due to a power surge or loose connections, it makes a humming noise. The degraded condition of the motor also contributes to the strange humming noise.

You should schedule an air conditioner repair in Richmond Hill with Universal Heating & Cooling Inc immediately to prevent more electrical damage or any hazard.

  • Loud Clanking Noise

When the loose AC parts or broken AC parts move here and there during AC operation, you hear clanking noise. The clogged condenser also adds to this noise issue. You can fix the clanking noise by cleaning the AC unit if clogging is the reason.

  • Sharp Screeching Noise

The loose compressor belt or damaged condition of the compressor causes your AC to make a screeching sound. In addition, when the motor lacks oil, it operates hard and produces a screeching sound.

You can fix it by scheduling a repair. However, you will need a replacement if the compressor damage is major.

  • Object Banging Sounds

When loose fan blades, broken metal pieces, or loose bolts bang on each other, the AC produces loud and disturbing banging noises. If you hear such a strange sound from AC, turn it off and contact the technician for a repair service.

Fix Strange Noises with AC Repair in Richmond Hill

The mentioned AC noises are more common with old AC units. When you experience disturbing and strange AC noises, contact the experts at Universal Heating & Cooling Inc. We have 20 years of experience. Our licensed and focused technicians provide superior-quality HVAC services and parts guarantee for any HVAC installation service. Contact us to book the most reliable HVAC services at a competitive price.